Section 1 The name of this organization shall be the Antigonish Minor Hockey Association.

Section 2 Wherever the words “Society”, “Association” or “AMHA” occur in these bylaws they shall be understood to mean the “Antigonish Minor Hockey Association" as a body.

Section 3 Wherever the words the "Board" occur in these bylaws, they shall be understood to mean the "Board of Directors of the Antigonish Minor Hockey Association".

Section 4 Wherever the words the “Executive” occur in these bylaws they shall be understood to mean the “Executive Committee of the Antigonish Minor Hockey Association”.

The Antigonish Minor Hockey Association is a voluntary association of members designed to promote hockey at recreational and competitive levels in accordance with the rules and regulations of Hockey Canada, Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS) and Hockey Nova Scotia Minor Council (HNSMC).

  1. To conduct, foster, organize and instigate for the provision of Minor Hockey as the recreational activity for the players in the age groups defined by Hockey Nova Scotia.
  2. To organize and administer recreational and representative teams.
  3. To organize and conduct programs designed to develop the individual skills of its players, coaches and officials.
  4. To foster and encourage good sportsmanship and Fair Play.
  1. AMHA shall be composed of the directors, officers and other members.

  2. Membership will be accorded to parents and guardians of registered players at the annual registration upon completion of the AMHA registration form and will be valid until the next annual registration.

  3. Membership will be accorded to all registered coaches, managers, team officials and on-ice officials with the association shall be deemed to be members of the association and people whose offer to serve in any capacity from one registration period to the next has been accepted by the directors.

  4. Any member delinquent in their fees shall forfeit membership until full payment of fees.

  5. Subject to the limitations set out in these by-laws, every member of the Society shall be entitled to
    • attend any general meeting of the Association;
    • vote at any general meeting of the Association;
    • hold any office.

  6. Members are not entitled to vote by proxy and membership in the Society is not transferable.

  7. Membership in the Society shall cease upon the death of a member, or if, by notice in writing to the Society, the member resigns his or her membership, or if the member ceases to qualify for membership in accordance with these by-laws.


Section 1


The Directors of the Board will consist of:

  1. The President of the Board.
  2. The Vice President Operations
  3. The Vice President of Finance
  4. Lottery Coordinator
  5. The Vice President Female Hockey

Section 2


The Executive Committee will consist of:

  1. President of the Board.
  2. Vice President Operations
  3. Vice President of Finance
  4. Lottery Coordinator
  5. Secretary
  6. Registrar
  7. Risk Coordinator
  8. Equipment Manager
  9. Coaching Coordinator
  10. Female Coordinator
  11. Vice President Female Hockey
  12. Association Safety Rep
  13. Sledge / Para Coordinator

Section 3

Term of Office

  1. The President shall be elected for a two (2) year term. The Vice- President of Operations, who will succeed the President, elected for a two (2) year term. Elections will be for a period of two (2) years. No one shall hold the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms, except under exceptional circumstances.
  2. If for any reason a director is unable to complete their elected term the board shall name a replacement for said term.

Section 4

The Election of Executive Committee shall be a plurality vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Antigonish Minor Hockey Association.

Section 5

The Board shall have the general power of administration. It may make or authorize petitions or representations to Hockey Nova Scotia, Sport and Recreation Nova Scotia, Health Protection and Promotion, The Province of Nova Scotia, and Municipal Governments in the area it serves, any commissions or committees deemed necessary or authorize as it may determine or as may be required by a vote of the majority of members present at any Board meeting.



Section 1


Directors shall be elected by the membership at each annual general meeting. The President shall appoint a nominating committee comprising of the President as chair, one member from the executive not wishing to stand as Vice President of Operations and one member from membership that wishes not to hold a position on the board. The nominating committee shall provide its report to the general membership not less than twenty-one

(21) days prior to the annual general meeting by providing a list, as complete as possible, of one nominee for each elected position. Notification shall be given by posting on the AMHA Web Site and providing a written list to the Secretary that will be made available at the request of any member.  This process will begin on Feb 1st of each year.

Section 2


The membership may nominate individuals who are members in good standing for a director position by providing notice to the Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the annual general meeting. “Members in good standing” have paid all their dues and fees to the Association and have not had their membership suspended or revoked.  Such notice shall set out the name of the individual nominated and the position for which the individual is nominated. The nomination must be signed by not less than five (5) members in good standing and must be signed by the nominee indicating that he or she is willing to accept the position if elected. To be eligible as a candidate for President or Vice President of Operations, a nominee must be an existing director or have previously served as a director of the Association.


Section 3


A list of all duly nominated candidates and notice of election shall be communicated to the membership not less than seven (7) days prior to the annual general meeting.

Section 4

Voting at the annual general meeting for directors shall be by secret ballot or ballots. To be declared elected a candidate must receive fifty (50) percent plus one vote of the ballots cast. If no candidate receives the required number of votes on a ballot, the candidate with the fewest votes shall be eliminated and a further ballot held. This process shall continue until a winner is determined.

Section 5

Voting for elected positions shall be held in the following order:

  1. The President of the Board.
  2. The Vice President Operations
  3. The Vice President of Finance
  4. The Lottery Coordinator
  5. The Vice President of Female Hockey

Section 6

The following are required positions selected from the membership at- large. No vote is required to affirm their selection (Article 4 Section 1).

  1. Registrar
  2. The Secretary
  3. Risk Coordinator
  4. Equipment Manager
  5. Coordinator of Coaches
  6. Female Coordinator
  7. Sledge / Para Hockey Coordinator
  8. Association Safety Rep.

Section 7

The following are non-voting positions on the executive

  1. Treasurer
  2. Technical Team
  3. Technology / Web Administrator
  4. 50/50 staff
  5. Ice Coordinator
  6. Coordinator of Officials



  1. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing policies, general directing and for the conduct of the affairs of the AMHA during the term of office.
  2. It shall approve all expenditures, but may not borrow money.
  3. It shall supervise appointment of team coaches.
  4. It shall establish guidelines for participating in and hosting tournaments.
  5. It shall establish registration fees and any other assessments it considers necessary or advisable.
  6. It shall appoint committees it considers necessary to assist in administering the affairs of the AMHA or to undertake special projects.
  7. It shall suspend for cause any AHMA Officer, official, player or member for failure to comply with the bylaws, as well as actions deemed by the directors to be detrimental to hockey.
  8. It may fill any unscheduled vacancy, which may occur.


    1. Preside over all AMHA general meetings and perform all duties generally associated with the office of President.
    2. Call a meeting at the request of 25 members.
    3. He/she may call Special or General Meetings at any time.
    4. Provide leadership in determining Policies and in the administration of the affairs of the AMHA.
    5. Be the official representative at all functions or events, unless otherwise stipulated by the bylaws.
    6. Co-sign cheques, for payment of authorized accounts and bills, which have been prepared and assigned by the Treasurer.
    7. Submit a report at the annual general meeting.
    8. In the event of extended absence, designate the Vice President to act.
    9. Be responsible for the discipline policy of the association.
    10. Chair the nominating committee.
    11. Chair the discipline committee.


Vice President of Operations:

    1. Assist the President and perform the duties of President, as well as duties, as delegated by the President.
    2. Co-sign cheques, for payment of authorized accounts and bills, which have been prepared and assigned by the Treasurer.
    3. Be responsible to recruit Division Heads.
    4. Ensure that recreational / House league development throughout all divisions.
    5. Prepare a report for the general meeting.


Vice President of Finance:

    1. Budgets:
      • Take possession of the Association’s records of account after the elections held at the Annual General Meeting.
      • Supply a financial statement of the past hockey year for review, as well as the Executive Committee's approved budget for the upcoming new hockey year, at the Annual General Meeting.
      • Coordinate the expenditure of funds with the President, Vice President Operations, Ice and Equipment Coordinators and will prepare the proposed new hockey year Budget with their assistance. The proposed budget will be presented to and approved by the Executive Committee prior to being presented at the Annual General Meeting for final ratification by the membership.
    2. Bank Accounts:
      • The Vice President Finance will handle all responsibilities relating to Association bank accounts, and ensuring that the signing authorities are the Directors of the board.
    3. Accounting:
      • Alert the Executive to any variances of a substantive nature which would require Executive corrective action to be taken.
    4. Personnel:
      • Direct the actions of the Treasurer, and Awarded Contracts.
    5. Fundraising:
      • Evaluate fundraising opportunities and make recommendations in this regard to the board.


Lottery Coordinator:

    1. Be responsible for the management of the AMHA 50/50 program.
    2. Make recommendations to the directors in this regard.
    3. Manage staff that receive tickets at arena and collect tickets and deliver posters to the sponsoring stores.
    4. Manage 50/50 section of the AMHA web site and all communication via the web site.
    5. Ensure someone is available for weekly draw.
    6. Co-sign cheques, for payment of authorized accounts and bills, which have been prepared and assigned by the Treasurer.

Vice President of Female Hockey:

    1. Represent AMHA at Hockey Nova Scotia Female Council meetings.
    2. Make recommendations regarding development and growth of female hockey
    3. Develop recruitment programs for female players.


    1. Perform all duties associated with the office of Secretary.
    2. Keep minutes of all AMHA meetings and distribute same within ten (10) days to all concerned.
    3. Distribute all material deemed necessary by the memorandum and bylaws.
    4. Keep all files, books and records of the Association, including in and out correspondence.
    5. Inform all members three weeks before the annual general meeting, the date, time and place of meeting.
    6. Perform other duties assigned by the President.


    1. Be responsible for the organization and administration of the registration of AMHA players.
    2. Keep a register of players.
    3. Coordinate the registration of players with the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR), which also includes Rep Team assignment.
    4. Present a report of the year's operation at the annual general meeting.


Risk Coordinator:

    1. Establish the risk management policies for the association.
    2. Work closely with the coaching coordinator to ensure all coaches have the proper qualifications for the current coaching season.
    3. Work with the managers and trainers to ensure appropriate knowledge of HNS and Hockey Canada’s policies and programs.
    4. Hold education sessions at the beginning of each year with all rep team officials. (Coaches and Managers)
    5. Recommend the suspension of team officials for violation of AMHA policy.
    6. Register Coaches with Rep teams in the Hockey Canada registry.
    7. Manage Parent Respect In Sport program.
    8. Manage Risk Section of AMHA Web Site.


Equipment Manager:

    1. Prepare a list of requirements based on input from Divisional Heads.
    2. Recommend needs to the directors.
    3. Be authorized to purchase equipment.
    4. Arrange for handling, storage, repairing, cleaning and inventorying of equipment.
    5. Authenticate equipment rental invoices for the Treasurer.
    6. Purchase/Manage equipment for dry land training facility.
    7. Manage Team Clothing program.


Coach Coordinator:

    1. Prepare a list of qualified coaches for review by the Coaching Selection Committee.
    2. Work with the approved coaches and appropriate support personnel. Ie:Assistant coaches, trainers, and managers.
    3. Work closely with the Risk Management Coordinator to ensure appropriate coaches and bench personnel have the appropriate qualification for the year.
    4. Work with coaches to create a tryout schedule.
    5. Facilitate the Coaches and Managers Meeting
    6. Review and approve Non-Parent Coaches expenses.

Female Coordinator:

    1. Be responsible for the female division in AMHA.
    2. Make recommendations regarding development and growth of female hockey in AMHA.
    3. Represent AMHA’s position at Hockey Nova Scotia Female Council meetings.
    4. Work with the coaches of Female teams to ensure programs are developed with specific requirements.
    5. Develop recruitment programs for female players.
    6. Manage Female skills program.
    7. Manage Female specific section of the AMHA web site


Para / Sledge Hockey Coordinator:

    1. Be responsible for the Sledge / Para Hockey division in AMHA.
    2. Make recommendations regarding development and growth of Sledge / Para hockey in AMHA.
    3. Work with the coaches of Sledge / Para teams to ensure programs are developed with specific requirements.

Association Safety Rep

    1. In this role you will work with HNS, AMHA Board and the newly mandated Team Safety Reps.
    2. Assist Team Safety Reps to insure they are following the Guidelines.


    1. Perform all duties associated with the office of Treasurer.
    2. Keep the accounts, receive and deposit funds in a chartered financial institution.
    3. Make disbursements with directors’ approval by cheque, signed by the Treasurer and one of the Directors of the board.
    4. Present regular monthly reports to the Board of Directors as well as unaudited yearly financial statements.
    5. Advise on financial matters.
    6. Manage Team and individual 50/50 accounts and prepare cheques when necessary.

Technical Team:

    1. Be responsible for the supervision of training and development of the AMHA Hockey teams and the training and development of all team staff.
    2. Manage Development weekend.
    3. Promote Player Development


    1. Perform the duties necessary to manage and administer the Goalline web site
    2. Perform the duties necessary to manage and administer the AMHA Twitter and Facebook accounts

50/50 Staff:

    1. Collect 50/50 tickets
    2. Manage player’s kitty accounts
    3. Report to the Fundraising coordinator

Coordinator of Officials:
This position is jointly appointed through HNS and the Association. Upon recommendation from Minor Council, AMHA affirms the approval of the individual in the position.

    1. Act as the liaison between the AMHA and HNS Referee-in-Chief in all matters concerning game officials. Provide long-range planning and conduct development clinics for all AMHA officials.
    2. Set up and supervise an evaluation system as well as carry out assessments of all AMHA referees, linesmen and minor officials as may be required and approved by the directors.
    3. Conduct clinics for referees, linesmen and minor officials under the direction and cooperation with the HNS Referee-in-Chief.
    4. Recommend to the HNS Referee-in-Chief, AMHA officials for attendance at Level IV clinics and also to the annual referee’s development camp.
    5. Recommend to the directors, remuneration for officials.
    6. Endeavour to maintain a high and uniform level of officiating by all AMHA officials for all games played within the Association.
    7. Maintain a listing of all AMHA officials and ensure that all persons officiating within the Association have attended the prescribed HNS Referees clinics at the appropriate level, and further that all AMHA officials are duly registered with the HNS for the current hockey season.
    8. Keep accurate records of games officiated and payment of officials and ensure that Game Sheets are delivered in a timely manner to the appropriate administrators.
    9. Assign all games played under the jurisdiction of the Association including league, exhibition, playoff and tournaments.
    10. Be responsible for the AMHA Junior Officiating Program.


Ice Coordinator:

    1. Negotiate with rink manager's contracts necessary to meet the AMHA' needs.
    2. Determine ice requirements in consultation with team managers and Divisional Heads.
    3. Coordinate games with Referee-In-Chief to ensure they can meet the needs.
    4. Coordinate ice times with KMC and arena.
    5. Keep a record of ice used and report on a monthly basis division and team allocations.
    6. Authenticate ice time invoices for the Treasurer.
    7. Coordinate casual ice time allocation.
    8. Perform other duties as required by the directors.
    9. Authority to cancel ice times in the event of poor weather conditions.
    10. Manage Ice Schedule Section of the AMHA Web Site
    11. Schedule team use of Dry land facility.


  1. Eligibility: Players who reside in the boundaries of the AMHA and who fall within the age limits of the various playing divisions as defined by the HC, HNS, and HNSMC shall be eligible to participate in AMHA activities.
  2. Divisions: Playing divisions shall be as follows: Under-7, Under-9, Under-11, Under-13 Under-15 and Under-18 as defined by the Hockey Canada.
  3. Registration: Eligible players shall register with the AMHA on an individual basis. Players will be accepted for registration without regard to playing ability on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Teams: Competitive Teams will be selected by Coaches under the direction of the Coaching Coordinator. After a tryout procedure has been completed, Recreational teams will be formed by the house league volunteer group.
  5. Suspensions: Any violation of the official rules of the Hockey Canada, Hockey Nova Scotia, Hockey Nova Scotia Minor Council, and the memorandum and bylaws of the AMHA shall render the player liable to suspension by the AMHA.
  1. Organize and schedule house league teams.
  2. Act as representative for parents and players in bringing concerns and questions to the executive.
  • Risk Management: All team officials must adhere to Hockey Nova Scotia regulations and criteria for eligibility. This includes, but is not limited to, a Criminal Records Check, Child Abuse Registry and required Coaching Certifications. These criteria must be met by Dec 1st of each year.
  • Code of Ethics: All team officials in any capacity are subject to the Code of Ethics in the Bylaws.
  • AMHA will pay insurance and other certification expenses for up to 4 team officials.
    Note: Due to requirements for extra bench staff for Novice those teams can have up to 6 team officials
  • Coaches: All prospective coaches may apply to the Coaches Selection Committee which is chaired by the Coaching Coordinator. The Head Coach must present all bench staff, Assistant Coaches and Trainer, to the Executive for approval within 5 days of final roster being selected.
  • Managers: Managers shall be appointed by the Coaches and ratified by parents.
  • Treasurer: Treasurer shall be elected by the parents of the team. The treasurer has the responsibility to report their team’s complete revenues and expenses to their team and to AMHA as per Article 24 – Inspection of Books and Records.  Adherence to fund raising policies is essential.
  • Team Safety Rep: Walking through the details of the Rebound Plan and the COVID-19 guidelines of all the applicable local facilities guidelines before the season begins with the participants, parent/
    caregivers, coaches, and administrators. Communicating with Association / League Safety Rep on guidelines and updates. Ensuring that the COVID-19 participant screening is conducted for each participant before each training (on and off-ice) session. Completing the screening registry electronically or in-person. Completion of Hockey Nova Scotia safety training.

Non-Family Member Coach: (Formerly known as Non-Parent coach)  In order to be able to claim expenses as a Non-Family Member Coach a coach must not have relatives on the team, or be in a direct relationship with someone who has relatives on the team.  To be excluded a family member would fall into the following categories. (Parent, Sibling, Aunt, Uncle, or Grand Parent)


The President shall appoint a nominating committee comprising of the president as chair, one member from the executive not wishing to stand as Vice President and one member from membership that wishes not to hold a position on the board.

  1. Directors’ meetings: These will be held as required. Notice of director meetings will be sent by email to board members.
  2. Annual General Meetings: The AMHA Annual General Meeting will be held each year, on the first Sunday in June, unless scheduling conflicts prevent this from happening. Notice shall be posted in local media and on the AMHA website
  3. Special Meetings: These may be called at the discretion of the President at the request of 50% of the directors or at the request of 25 members; the President shall call a Special Meeting within 21 days. Should the President fail to call such meeting the Secretary may call the meeting. The Special Meeting will be advertised in the local media. Notice will be done in accordance with section 2, AGM meetings.
  4. Minutes: Minutes of all meetings shall be retained as ongoing records.

The memorandum and bylaws shall only be repealed or amended by a special resolution passed at the annual general meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. Approval of the special resolution shall require a three fourths majority vote of voting members present.

The fiscal year of the Association shall be the period from May 1 to April 30.

The Association may increase suspensions beyond Hockey Canada, HNS, HNSMC, or CMHF requirements. The Association has the right to discipline any member and/or player. The discipline policy outlines the guidelines followed by AMHA in regards to discipline.

A schedule of standard suspensions is available on the Hockey Nova Scotia web site.

Hockey Nova Scotia Governance

Members are to:

  1. Maintain the highest standard of deportment, conduct and sportsmanship. Failure to do so may result in suspension or dismissal from the AMHA by the directors.
  2. Be aware of and uphold the objectives of the AMHA.
  3. Ensure that all players have an equal opportunity to play and enjoy their hockey program.
  4. Adhere to the Policies and Guidelines for Teams and Members provided by the Association.
  1. A quorum at AMHA meetings shall consist of 50% plus one (1) board member.
  2. A quorum voting at directors’ meetings shall consist of nine members
  1. At all meetings, voting shall be by show of hands, by ballot, or by any other method authorized by a majority of members present.
  2. Motions shall be approved by simple majority unless otherwise stated in the bylaws.
  3. Each member present, in good standing, shall have one vote.
  4. The Chairman will vote to break a tie.
  5. The conduct of all meetings shall be in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order unless otherwise indicated herein.

The Association will have, at minimum, a Notice to Reader performed by an independent 3rd party on their annual financial statements, in time for the annual general meeting.

In the event that a director resigns his or her office or ceases to be a member in the Association, which results in the office being vacated, the vacancy thereby created may be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by the directors from among the members of the Association.

The Association may, by special resolution, remove any director before the expiration of the period of office and appoint another person in his or her stead. The person so appointed shall hold office during such time only as the director in whose place he or she is appointed would have held office if he or she had not been removed

The books and records of the Association may be inspected by any member at any reasonable time within two days prior to the annual general meeting at the registered office of the Association.

Contracts, deeds, bills of exchange and other instruments and documents may be executed on behalf of the Association by the President or the Vice-President and the Treasurer, or otherwise as prescribed by resolution of the Board of Directors.

The official colours of the AMHA shall be black, gold and white.

Parliamentary procedure shall be followed at all general and board meetings, in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

The Player and Rep fees are established by way of policy.

  1. Fees will be set and voted on at the AGM.
  2. Tryout fees will be set at the AGM.

Rep Team tryouts will start early September.

Tryout process will be managed by way of policy.