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As a Coach, Manager or Team Safety Rep, you will have been assigned an AMHA email address.  Some of you are not using these email accounts to send emails, and that is your choice, AMHA is not going to force you to use them for that.  However, when AMHA sends out important information to team staff members it will be sent to your AMHA email address.  If you are not monitoring that email address you will miss important announcements.

If you did not receive the information for your AMHA email account, please contact me and I will send you the information.







Parents and Guardians, I have sent an email to you about this before but we are still seeing people reply to the group email addresses, or sending information to the group email addresses that they should not be sending.  When responding to a Safety email, please send your response only to the Safety Person.  Please do not send your personal information, like phone numbers via email.  The Safety people have access to your phone numbers via a secured location on the web site.  As for contact information for other family members attending games, they can be contacted through you, the parent/guardian.
The reasons for this are simple.

1) You should not be sharing this information with everyone as with huge email list like we have it is possible for a hacker to join a list and then get some of your personal information.

2) I receive numerous complaints from parents/guardians about receiving too many unnecessary emails.  By responding to the group emails you are adding to the "unnecessary" email volume.

Thanks for your cooperation

Martin McLaren

Web Admin






Parents and Guardians,  If your child has misplaced some hockey gear, please check with the KMC box office.  There are currrently 3 gloves and a helmet waiting for their owners to clam them.



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