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Below is the process and guidelines to be used when a request is made for an affiliated player to play with an upper level team.


  1. Upper level team will notify the parent team of their request for a player.
  2. Lower level team will approve the request unless they need that player for one of the following reasons.
    1. Team has a playoff game that will conflict with request
    2. Team is in a tournament
    3. Team is already short players and losing another would put them in a position that they would not have enough.


For more information on Affiliations please see Regulation 6 in the Hockey Novice Scotia Regulations.

Online registration must be completed by August 1st.  All registrations not completed by that time will have a $50 late fee added.

All Fees will be collected on development weekend (first weekend of November). By doing this we know how many children for each family will be playing Minor Hockey and at what levels they will be playing.  Payments may be made in full at that time, or by providing postdated cheques, the final cheque can be dated no later than Jan 15th of current hockey season. 

Anyone that does not make arrangements for payment of fees on development weekend will be suspended from all AMHA activities until payment arrangements are made.

Fee Structure

Insurance/Admin - $75 (Non-Refundable after November 1st) everyone pays this fee.

Rep Hockey - $775 + Insurance/Admin: Total $850
Recreational/House Hockey – $225 + Insurance/Admin: Total $300
Rep Goalies with their own gear – $325 + Insurance/Admin: Total $400
Learn to Play – $75 + Insurance/Admin($25): Total $100
Sledge Hockey – $75 + Insurance/Admin($25): Total $100

Child 1: 0%
Child 2: 40%
Child 3+: 80%

Discounts are applied by sorting children based on individual fees from highest to lowest. Discounts are not applied to late fees, fees owed from previous seasons or Lottery Buyout fees.

Note: For Refunds, please read our Refund Policy


It is understood that all Rep Teams fundraise to support operational team expenses throughout the year. In order for teams to be insured through Hockey Nova Scotia’s General Insurance Program, Antigonish Minor Hockey needs to know prior to the event to ensure protection for players and officials.  Any team that participates in a fundraising activity without a permit is subject to disciplinary action by AMHA.


  1. Create a budget and submit it along with a request for a fundraising activity to the VP of Finance.
  2. VP Finance will review request and if approved a permit# will be given and this permit will be posted on the Fund Raising page of our web site.
  3. If more fundraising activities are required, teams need to submit an updated budget with each request.



Ice time and games per team will be set at the beginning of each season by the board of directors.  Currently ice time allocation is based on the level for the team. For Example:

  • Tier 1 team will be allocated a total of 72.5 hours of ice time and 15 games of referee time.
    This is based on a 25-week season, 2 hours of practice per week * 25 = 50 hours and 15 games *1.5 hours = 22.5 hours for a total of 72.5 hours.
  • Tier 2 teams will be allocated 47.5 hours of ice time and 15 games of referee time.
    This is based on a 25-week season, 1 hour of practice per week * 25 = 25 hours and 15 games *1.5 hours = 22.5 hours for a total of 47.5.

Tier 1 teams:  Atom AA, Atom A, Pee Wee AAA, Pee Wee AA, Bantam AA, Bantam A, Midget AA, Midget A, and Midget AA female.

Tier 2 teams:  All other Novice, Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget teams.

Note: Any team that qualifies for Day of Champions, or Provincials will have an additional 4 hours of ice time added to their budget.

All teams have the right to purchase ice times for extra games and practices above set limits when ice is available.  This time must be booked through the Ice Coordinator.

Using the above allocation of ice time and referee time, a team budget is created.  The budget is created based on the current rate for ice and the ref rates for that division. Each team will be sent invoices during the season (usually starting in January) that will show what ice time they have used and where they are with their budget.

A team close to their limit may be asked to provide a schedule to AMHA for ice time for the remainder of the season and pay in advance. Any prepaid unused ice will be refunded.

Should a team qualify for Provincials or “Day of Champions” AMHA will add an additional 4 hours of ice time to their budget.


Team Managers

  • Submit requests for additional ice time via the Ice Management web site.
  • Notify Referee in Chief, Arena Management and Ice Coordinator of any game cancellations. Failure to do so may result in team being billed for cost of officials and ice.  This can be done via the cancel ice buttons on the web site.
  • Review schedule to ensure allotted ice time is correct

Division Heads

  • provide schedule for house league games to the ice coordinator
  • request ice times for “Skills” groups for their division

Ice Coordinator

  • review ice requests and schedule ice times for teams. Practice/Skills Ice should be assigned using the following criteria:
    • Bantam and Midget Teams will be given afternoon or evening practices unless the team requests a morning practice time.
    • Novice, Atom and Pee Wee teams will be assigned a morning practice time. Consideration will be given to “Regional” teams and teams with coaches that work outside of Antigonish.
    • Tier 1 teams will receive a second practice time each week which will be an afternoon or evening ice time.
    • Initiation groups will receive one weekend morning ice time and one weekday afternoon/evening ice time.
    • Skills ice sessions are to be considered as bonus ice time. This ice time does not come out of a teams’ budget and will only be provided for groups when ice is available and attendance remains at an acceptable level.
  • Playoff games will be scheduled for two hours of ice time as they require ice to be cleaned before the game and after the second period as well as the possibility for overtime.
  • Games Ice should be assigned using the following order of priority:
  1. Tournament Games
  2. Playoff Games
  3. League Games
  4. Exhibition Games


  1. Teams will provide ice coordinator with league schedules as early as possible.
  2. Ice Coordinator confirms ice availability with facilities. Checking for conflicts with non AMHA teams and other events.
  3. Once Ice Coordinator has all requirements he/she will add them to the schedule (This is normally two weeks in advance), taking into consideration travel times of visiting teams as well as AMHA house league.
  4. Once draft schedule is complete it is sent to Division heads and Team Managers for review (Monday Morning) with their teams/groups and change requests are sent back to Ice Coordinator. Teams have until Wednesday at 9:00PM to request changes. 
  5. One Thursday morning the Ice coordinator will send the final schedule to Arenas and Referee in Chief for final review and approval. Once the schedule is sent to RIC and arenas there can be no more games added to the schedule.
  6. Once approved the schedule is posted on the AMHA web site.
  7. After this the only changes that will occur with the ice will be for cancellations.

Name bars

Name bars will be permitted on jerseys.  Having a name bar on a jersey will be at the discretion of the parent(s) as they are responsible for the jersey.  Teams are not permitted to mandate placing name bars on the jerseys.

Each player must provide a postdated cheque in the amount of $75 for April 15th of the current hockey year for each of the jerseys they have in their possession.  These cheques must be submitted to AMHA during development weekend.  Anyone who does not submit a cheque for their jerseys will be suspended from AMHA activities until the cheque is received.

Jerseys must be returned to AMHA by April 30th of the current hockey year.  Returns are to be managed by the team manager working with the equipment coordinator.  If the jersey is not returned in reasonable condition the deposit cheque will be cashed.

Note: No deposit is required for IP, Novice, or the Atom/Pee Wee Minor house league jerseys as these are donated each year by Tim Horton's and MacDonalds.


Antigonish Minor Hockey Association (AMHA) is committed to a successful 50-50 lottery program.  The lottery is intended to raise funds for the association and to help offset the cost of participation for the members.  The association will use lottery proceeds to offset a portion of the operational expenses and to provide the members with a strong development program.    Members benefit directly from the lottery by way of reduced membership fees and a direct reward based on individual lottery ticket sales.

1.       Lottery Schedule

  1. There will be 27 lottery draws.
  2. The date for the first draw will be set before the season starts. Normally this will be the second Sunday in September
  3. Draws during the Christmas holidays will be scheduled based on what day of the week Christmas and New Year’s occur

2.       Player and Team Rewards

  1. Each player will earn 35 cents for each ticket sold which is held in a kitty for use the following season.
    1. Kitty funds will be applied to registration costs and then rep fees.
    2. Players may elect to use excess kitty funds for an athletic or educational purpose. AMHA will pay the supplier directly or a player may purchase an item and submit an expanse form to AMHA for reimbursement.
    3. Players can apply for funding from their kitty by submitting a request to treasurer@antigonishminorhockey.ca During the hockey season, approvals for purchases will take between 5 to 10 business days.  During the off season these approvals will take between 10 to 15 business days.
  2. Rep teams are eligible to have AMHA pay for tournament registration fees up to a maximum which is set each year at the AGM
    1. If the team does not use the full amount for tournament fees, the team can apply to AMHA to pay for another development experience. AMHA will not consider any request for team clothing or souvenirs.
  3. Head Coaches who do not have a son or daughter playing on the team are eligible for travel cost reimbursement. AMHA has a separate policy that contains further details.

3.       Role of the Player

  1. Each player who participates on a rep level team is required to sell 10 tickets per week; the equivalent of 270 tickets or $540.00 in sales volume for the season. Each player not on a rep team is required to sell 5 tickets per week; the equivalent of 135 tickets or $270.00 in sales volume for the season.
    1. This minimum requirement is not reduced for players within a family of multiple players.
    2. Rep players may elect to withdraw from participation in the lottery by paying $270.00 to AMHA. This is in addition to: registration fees, rep fees, and any team fee and is due by mid-October. 
    3. Non-Rep players may elect to withdraw from participation in the lottery by paying $135.00 to AMHA. This is in addition to: registration fees and is due by mid-October.
    4. Players who fail to meet the required 135/270 tickets or $270.00/$540.00 sales volume threshold will be required to pay the shortfall to AMHA. AMHA will recover the shortfall by reducing the player’s kitty balance by 50% of the amount of the shortfall.   For example, a rep player who sold $400.00 in tickets is short $140.00 in sales.  This player’s kitty will be reduced by $70.00.
    5. Should the kitty balance be insufficient to cover the shortage, the remaining balance will be added to the player’s account.
  2. On registration night, all members will be required to provide a 50-50 deposit cheque of $135 dated for Apr 15th of the following year. Rep Players will be required to provide another 50-50 deposit cheque of $135 dated March 31st of the following year.

4.       Role of the Team

  1. Teams are not required to appoint a ‘Lottery Rep.’ The lottery office is prepared to process all sellers individually.
  2. The team manager and coaches are expected to take an active and supporting role with their players’ participation in the lottery. Proceeds from the lottery negate the need for individual team fundraising which allows the team staff to focus on developing their athletes.
  3. Team Managers are to ensure that each team member’s parent has been given a copy of this policy.

5.       Sales and Kitty Tracking

  1. Families with two or more players in AMHA are encouraged to consolidate all ticket sales under one player’s name.  
  2. Each player will be identified by the family email address that was recorded during the registration process.
  3. Players, who are part of a multi-player family, are considered to be in compliance of the minimum sales requirement, if one member of the family has sufficient sales volume to cover all players in that family. For example: One member of a family (with three rep players) has sales of $1500 and the other two players have not recorded any sales.   AMHA would consider each of the other two players to have met the sales requirement.
  4. AMHA will report sales and kitty balances to each player weekly. Players can request a report of their kitty balance at any time.

6.       Collection Office

  1. The lottery collection office is located in the Arena Board Room and will open from 12:00PM – 4:00PM each draw date. Changes to the times or locations will be posted on the website and communicated in an email broadcast.
  2. We are unable to accept pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters.  

7.       Retail Stores and Places of Business

  1. The following stores are partners of Fernando’s Lower South River, Brosha's Short Stop Lower South River, Cleve's Source For Sports, Main Street Ultramar, Wheel Pizza and Sub Shop, Hawthorne Convenience, Atlantic Superstore Smoke Shop, Post Road Ultramar, Post Road Irving, Aulds Cove Petro Canada, and MacEachern's Ultramar. These stores sell lottery tickets on behalf of AMHA.
  2. With the exclusion of the above-mentioned businesses, members are free to place tickets in other places of business that the member is associated with. Members are encouraged to display an AMHA lottery poster at the business that is selling tickets.  These posters can be downloaded from the AMHA web site.

8.       Definition of Rep teams

  1. For the purpose of the AMHA lottery, Novice Gold, Novice Black, Novice White and Novice Female are considered rep teams.  
  2. The “6 year old Tournament Team” is not considered a rep team.

9.       Ticket Control

  1. Sellers are expected to treat their assigned tickets like cash.
  2. AMHA will record all ticket numbers issued to each player.
  3. AMHA will record the number of sold tickets submitted each week.
  4. Sellers will be required to return any un-sold tickets during the final collection period.
  5. AMHA will reconcile the number of tickets issued, the number of tickets sold and the number of unsold tickets returned.
  6. The seller will be responsible to reimburse AMHA for any discrepancy between the amount of sold and returned tickets compared to the number of tickets issued.
  7. Each missing ticket will be valued at $1.60.  
  8. There will be no kitty allocation for payment of missing tickets.
  9. Proceeds from missing tickets will be allocated to the following season’s 1st

Anyone notifying AMHA prior to November 1st will receive a full refund of registration minus a $20 admin fee.

Anyone notifying AMHA after November 1st will receive a refund based on the amount of time they were registered + insurance costs.  See table below for breakdown.


AMHA Notified Before

Refund Amount is:

November 1st

All of registration/rep fees - $20 admin fee (Exception being if player moves to other hockey association.  I.E. High School or neighboring Minor Hockey Association)

December 1st

4/5th of registration/rep fees – HNS Insurance - $20 admin

January 1st

3/5ths of registration/rep fees - HNS Insurance - $20 admin

February 1st

2/5ths of registration/rep fees - HNS Insurance - $20 admin


If fees were paid using kitty funds as well as cash, the cash portion of the fees will be refunded first with any remaining refund amounts being returned to the player’s kitty.

For example:

If Fees were $400 and $200 paid cash and $200 paid Kitty.

  • Refund was calculated at $100, then refund will be $100 cash.
  • Refund was calculated at $300 then refund will be $200 cash and $100 goes back into the player’s kitty.

Disclaimer: All fees are subject to review and set before each season at the AGM.  AMHA reserves the right to waive fees should the situation warrant it.

If a player is injured and unable to participate fully in the AMHA try out process, his/her parents may
apply in writing or by email, to the President of the AMHA (president@antigonishminorhockey.ca), for
special consideration. The following process will be enacted:

  • Parents must obtain and submit a doctor’s certificate that details both the injury as well as the
    anticipated date of healthy return to the level of activity expected for all players at the level
    where the injured player is trying out. The circumstances behind the injury as well as the
    anticipated return date will be taken into consideration.
  • If the player has been on the ice with the team onto which he/she is hoping to be placed, the
    coaching staff and evaluators, if applicable, will evaluate the player based on what he/she
    demonstrated during the try outs he/she attended.
  • If the player was not able to be seen on the ice or if the coaching staff feels the player did not
    attend enough ice sessions to be fairly evaluated, the coaching staff may consult other coaches
    and evaluators who would have seen the player during the current round of tryouts. For
    example, a player was assessed during the AAA tryouts and becomes injured during the AA
    tryouts. The AA coach may consult the evaluators and coaching staff of the AAA team for
    assessments of the player.
  • If the player was not seen during any phase of the try out process, the coaching staff, if they see
    the merit in doing so, may consult with the coaching staff who worked with the player in the
    previous year. Once all information is gathered, the coaching staff will make a decision on
    whether or not the player will receive special consideration and be placed on the team or
    whether the player will be released.

For Novice the tryout process consists of a Hockey Nova Scotia skills test. From this skill test
all participants scores will be used to determine their level of play for the skills sessions we have
as well as for which rep teams they will be playing on. There is no fee for this tryout and it
normally takes place in late September, or early October. Watch the schedule for times and

Note: If you wish for your daughter to play on the Novice Female team please let the organizers
know before the skills test.

With female teams our numbers normally are such that tryouts are not required. The early
season ice for the female teams will be considered development/skills ice time and will come out
of that ice budget. In the event that we have enough females for a division that we require
tryouts then we will consist of 2.5 hours of practice time and 1.5 hours for a Black vs White
Game. Fees for this are $30.

Minor tryouts will consist of 2.5 hours of practice time and 1.5 hours for a Black vs White
Game.  Any additional ice time requested for tryouts will be charged to the team.  

Note: All tryout fees will be invoiced to individuals and collected as part of rep fees.  There is only one tryout fee regardless of how many teams an indivdual end up trying out for.