AMHA Board Member Policies

Board Meetings
Guidelines on Scheduling Board meetings

Board Confidentiality Policy

Behaviour Guidelines for Board Members
These are behaviour guidelines for Board Members. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in disciplinary action as outlined in the AMHA Disciplinary policy.

Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct identifies the standards of behavior that are expected of all AMHA members, including players, coaches, parents, directors, and volunteers. The AMHA is committed to providing and maintaining a minor hockey environment where all individuals are treated with respect.

Generally, Hockey Nova Scotia rules dictate the penalties and suspensions which may be levied against a player or team official for conduct on or off the ice.
Some types of conduct, whether on or off the ice, however, may warrant additional discipline or suspension. All HNS penalties and suspensions shall be considered to be minimum penalties and AMHA reserves the right to increase suspension beyond Hockey Canada, HNS, or HNSMC.
AMHA reserves the right to discipline any member and/or player of its association.

Meeting Minutes and Reports

Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes from AMHA Board Meeting

AGM Minutes
Minutes from AMHA Annual General Meetings

AGM Reports
Board Member Reports for AGM