Team Managment

Ice Time Management

Ice Booking system

All ice booking activities are to be done through the web site with the following exceptions: For instructions on using the Ice Booking system, click here

How are regular practice times allotted?

Practice/Skills Ice should be assigned using the following criteria:
  1. Under-15 and Under-18 Teams will be given afternoon or evening practices unless the team requests a morning practice time.
  2. Under-9, Under-11 and Under-13 teams will be assigned a morning practice time. Consideration will be given to “Regional” teams and teams with coaches that work outside of Antigonish.
  3. Tier 1 teams will receive a second practice time each week which will be an afternoon or evening ice time
  4. Initiation groups will receive one weekend morning ice time and one weekday afternoon/evening ice time.
  5. Skills ice sessions are to be considered as bonus ice time. This ice time does not come out of a teams’ budget and will only be provided for groups when ice is available and attendance remains at an acceptable level.
Note: Dates and times for Under-9, Under-11 and Under-13 Practice times must work around Skills ice times.


In order to be a Coach or Manager, there are specific certifications that you must have from HNS. Click here to go to the HNS information page.

Coaching Clinics
For a list of upcoming clinics, click here

Coach / Manager Respect in Sport
The Coach / Manager Respect in Sport is not the same as the Parent Respect in Sport certification. All bench staff and managers must have this certication. For information on registering, click here

Criminal Records Check
The Criminal Records Check (CRC) should be done through the Antigonish RCMP office. In order to get this done without having to pay for it, please the Risk Coordinator

Child Abuse Registry
The form for the child abuse registry must be submitted through mail, by the applicant and once the results are returned, they are given to the Risk Coordinator . The form and mailing instructions are available here

Coaching Application
To apply for a coaching position please send an email to the Coach Coordinator .

Medical Information Forms
Each team needs to have copies of a Medical information form on the bench or in the dressing room in case a player is seriously injured. It is recommended that once the form is filled out by the parent/guardian, a copy is made so that the team has two copies on hand. In the event of a serious injury a copy can be given to the medical staff attending to the player. Click here to get a copy of the HNS Medical Information Sheet.

Injury Report
In the case where a player is seriously injuredan Injury report must be filled out and sent to HNS. Click here to get a copy of the HNS Injury Report form.


Travel Permits
Travel permits are required by any team wishing to play outside their Region. AMHA is in the Highland region which includes Pictou and Canso. All exhibition games, including pre-season tryout games require a travel permit. Once a team is in a league, all league games are covered with a league permit. Click here for instructions on getting a travel permit

Tournament Permits
In order to host a tournament, a team must get permission from AMHA and once approved a permit from HNS. Click here for the HNS tournament application which must be filled out and sent to the President .


Tryout Process
Tryouts for rep teams occur in September. This document covers the policies and process in place to how rep teams are chosen.

Injured Player Tryout Policy
This policy covers when a player is injured at the time of tryouts.

Team Finances

Fund Raising
It is understood that all Rep Teams fundraise to support operational team expenses throughout the year. In order for teams to be insured through Hockey Nova Scotia’s General Insurance Program, Antigonish Minor Hockey needs to know prior to the event to ensure protection for players and officials. Any team that participates in a fundraising activity without a permit is subject to disciplinary action by AMHA. This document covers the policy and procedures for team Fund Raising activities

Sample Budget
In order for a team to take part in any fundraising activites they must get approval from the VP Finance . All requests for fundraising will require a budget to be submitted.

Expense Form
in order to claim eligible expenses from AMHA you must fill out this form and send it to the Treasurer .


Coach Resignation
This policy covers the process for a coach resigning.

Coach Reinstatement
This policy covers the process for a coach being reinstated.

Returned Criminal Records Check
This policy covers when a members CRC is returned with a requirement for fingerprints.

Issue Resolution Teams
This document covers the process managers must use to resolve issues related to AMHA.


Game Sheet Label Maker
With Bulldog Logo
Without Bulldog Logo

Mascot Loan Agreement
If you wish to have the mascot attend your event, you must fill out the loan agreement.

Other Association Web Sites
Web Sites for other MHAs can be found on the main page for HNS in a seletion list to the right side of the page.